rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a very safe treatment for the brain to improve depression or other conditions* in lieu of drugs. The mechanism underlying is through temporary and high magnetic fields, electrical transmission of neurons is induced in the brain to regulate neural activities. The magnetic pulse of rTMS stimulates the part of the brain, which is involved in emotional responses, resulting in the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. 

*** rTMS has been approved for use in treatments in the United States since 2008. It brings significant results to the following conditions. 

• Depression抑鬱症 

• Anxiety焦慮症

• OCD強迫症

• Hyperactivity and attention deficit過度活躍及專注力不足

• Insomnia失眠

• Dementia認知障礙症 

• Parkinson's disease柏金遜症 

• Stroke腦中風 

Some studies have pointed out that rTMS also has the effects of enhancing memory, delaying degeneration, and enhancing learning in the brains of healthy and normal people. It has few side effects except for headaches in a few patients. The only contraindication to note is related to patients with a history of epilepsy, brain trauma, and with metal implants in nearby body parts such as electronic ears and heart rhythm devices.

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